Who’s Down for Some Lindy Hopping?

Taking time to relax will keep you sane as a part-time MBA student! This post is part of our ongoing series featuring fun activities in Boston

Being a PEMBA is challenging. There’s no doubt about that. Working full-time and then having to sit in class for 3 more hours? That’s ROUGH, especially now that class is 6:30-9:30pm (whose idea was that??). What keeps me sane during the week is going out and exploring all the fun and unique things that the Boston area has to offer.

A friend had told me that there’s swing dancing at MIT every Wednesday and I was immediately interested in checking it out. My general philosophy in life is to try everything at least once. I know NOTHING about swing dancing, but many people who go to these are in the same boat. The MIT Lindy Hop Society gives lessons at a location on the MIT campus every Wednesday night 7:30-9pm. The event is free and there is social dancing afterwards 9-11:30pm, so you can show off your new dance moves. (Double-check the calendar on their site for any changes).

The instructors are great and make it very easy to learn the different types of steps. You can choose to learn the steps as a leader or a follower (many people dance both roles). Swing dancing is a partner dance and during the course of the night, you are encouraged to dance with many different people. Once you learn some of the basic steps, everyone circles up as pairs, with a leader and a follower. This is where things get exciting! Here you are taught many different dance steps that can be strung together. Some steps look complicated, but the instructor break it down for you and allow you plenty of opportunities to practice. Every few minutes you get an opportunity to dance with a new partner as the followers rotate around the circle. Think speed-dating, but with dancing rather than awkward small talk. It is a very diverse group of people who just want to have fun. If you are able to find some free time, get out there and do some Lindy Hopping!


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