How to Pick Your MBA Classes

So now you are an MBA student.

And one of the things you will need to do is pick your classes.  How do you go about it?

Here are some tips:

  1. Check your curriculum.  Some classes are already pre-determined depending on the program you picked. You can find your curriculum here.
  2. Start chipping away at the core classes of your curriculum.  I am not sure why, but pretty much all MBA programs consist of core classes and electives.  My working theory is that if core classes were not required, everyone would just take electives.  Let’s be honest, most of the time they are more fun!
  3. Summer classes are a good option to speed up your MBA.  However they mostly offer core classes and very few electives.  So plan accordingly.
  4. Take care of those 1 and 2-credit classes early on. They are easy to ignore and to put off.  But they can really complicate your schedule if you wait until your last year.
  5. Start thinking about a concentration.  Do you even want one?   I am leaning towards marketing, so I might as well pick it as my concentration.  I know some students who just take whatever electives they like and ignore the concentration – an absolutely viable option.
  6. Keep in mind what classes you have to take to fulfill the concentration requirements.  This is critical if you are a part time/evening student.  There are limitations in the offering of the evening classes so plan wisely.
  7. Read the description of the class.  Are you even interested in the topics that will be covered in the class?  However, take the class description with a grain of salt.  After all it is also a sales pitch.  Same goes towards the name of the course.  Negotiations class is just Negotiations, but a straightforward Statistics class is now “Data Analysis for Decision Making”.  But hey, perhaps all the buzz words will help your manager sign that educational reimbursement form much quicker!
  8. Keep your ears open.  Students often share the classes they really enjoyed.  Write them down.  It will be useful.

Another very important aspect of a class is the professor.  In the near future I am planning to cover the topic of the role of the professor in picking the class.  For now just keep it in mind and stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “How to Pick Your MBA Classes

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  2. Great advice! I have no admits yet but I really hope something works out for me soon. I’ve been blogging about my journey as a young applicant for the past several months. Keep blogging, i enjoy your posts 🙂


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