How to Pick Your MBA Professors

In one of our earlier posts we mentioned that when you are picking your MBA classes, it is important to consider the professor (you can read that post here if you missed it).  Since you are in the grad school, you likely know by now that a professor either makes a class or breaks it.  Overall Boston University does a good job picking the professors, especially on graduate level.  And we are paying a premium for it.  But even then, some professors are just chefs of their kitchen, and every meal is worth it.  So here are some tips on how to pick your professors:

  1. Listen to your peers.  Especially to those who are ahead of you in the program.  Often times you can hear people mention a great professor they had for that elective.  Write those names down or you will forget them.
  2. Go to events hosted by your concentration or program. Clubs like the Health Sector Management Club and the Public and Nonprofit Program Club host events where you can meet other people in your concentration and talk to people about the electives and classes they’ve liked. The PEMBA Wine and Cheese receptions are another good opportunity to meet people and talk about classes.
  3. Rely on your own experience.  If you have taken a class and really enjoyed the professor, see if they teach any other classes that you are interested in.  More often than not, that other class will be just as good.
  4. Check professor’s rating on  Of course use your best judgment in reading these ratings; however it can shed some light on what to expect in class.  Also consider leaving some honest reviews for your professors there.  It will help your fellow students.
  5. Look up your professor on YouTube/Vimeo.  Many professors do lectures outside of classroom and if you are lucky you may find a video of them doing just that.   Often times these lectures are on the same topic they teach.
  6. Read the professor’s bio.  Whether you find it helpful or not – it is there in Faculty Directory.  Just because a bio is low on the details does not immediately mean that professor is a no go.
  7. Social media and general online search.  I personally do not do this one as I find it a bit limited, but I can see how it could still be beneficial.  Just make sure that the “John Smith” you found through Google search is the right “John Smith”.
  8. Sometimes you just have to take a dive.  If none of the above shed any light and you still want to take that class – just click that “Register” button.  Someone has to be the first one.  You can always drop it; just have a backup in mind so you can do it quickly and painlessly (been there, done that).

Do you happen to have your own strategy?  Feel free to share it with us!


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