Frolicking Through Legoland

Taking time to relax will keep you sane as a part-time MBA student! This post is part of our ongoing series featuring fun activities in Boston

Do you love Legos? Have you ever been jealous of all those kids who get frolick through Legoland? Well, you’re in luck! While most Legoland attractions do not allow adults in without accompanying a child (understandable), the Legoland at Assembly Row has an Adult Night! It is on one Wednesday every month, usually the third Wednesday of the month, from 7pm to 9pm. If you get a group of 10+ people, you can even get discount tickets!

You have the opportunity to run wild in Legoland without worrying about tripping over young little humans. They even serve alcohol on these Adult Nights. You have access to most of the exhibits and are even allowed on the rides! Other attractions include the 4D theater (because 3D is so 2010), where they show cute Lego mini movies. A must-see exhibit is Miniland, where you will find many iconic Boston attractions built entirely from Legos. It even simulates Boston both in the daytime and the nighttime. Finally, of course you get to build with Legos! If you like Legos and want a fun and unique place to hang out, Adult Night at Legoland is a great place to check out.


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