How to Find Course Evaluations at Questrom

Did you know that you can access the evaluations of any course at Questrom School of Business? This can help you decide between professors, know what to expect from a professor’s course, get ready for an intensive, and find out if other students felt the same way about a class or instructor.

How to Find Course Evaluations Online

You can find some of the course evaluation data online through QuestromApps. Click on Course Evaluations and log in to search for a particular course.

Here’s what you see online. Course Count shows the number of students in the course. Course Mean shows the average score of the course in general, on a five-point scale. Instructor Mean shows the instructor’s score on a five-point scale, and Response Percent shows the number of students who responded on the evaluation. This example shows the breakdown for the course and instructor scores for OB712, a core course. You can see a clear winner on which instructor students liked best.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.50.40 PM

How to Get Course Evaluations in Person 

For a lot more data and to read the student comments in the course, you’ll have to go in person to the Graduate Academic and Career Development Center and request to look at the course evaluations. The Center is open until 6:00 PM from Monday to Thursday, so drop by before class and do some research.

Evaluations are organized by a spiral notebook— one notebook for each semester. Look at the table of contents in the front to find a course. Here, you’ll be able to find a lot more information on each section of the evaluation — how many students rated the instructor or the course POOR on each individual subsection of the evaluation, how many rated it a 2, a 3, a 4, and SUPERIOR. These notebooks also contain every comment that a student has left about the course–what they loved and what they hated.

IMG_0787 (1)

Getting a Picture of the Course

I looked up the courses I’ll be taking this summer and was able to get a clear picture of my instructor’s strengths and weaknesses by comparing the student’s comments with how the entire class rated the instructor. Very clear patterns emerged, especially when it comes to the instructor’s organizational skills.

You don’t always have much of a choice when it comes to instructors, especially on core courses, but if you’re deciding between two electives, it can be helpful to sit down and compare the course evaluations to see how students felt in past semesters. And even if you can’t change your instructor, you’ll know what to expect.



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