Top-Rated Questrom MBA Summer Courses


Taking classes during the summer can help you finish your degree faster— but it can be tough to spend your summer in class while your coworkers and family are taking time off. If you’re going to push through as quickly as possible it’s good to make sure the class will be a good experience. If you’re trying to decide which summer course is best, check out the online course ratings for all of the Questrom summer courses from the last two summers. We broke down the data for you. 

Top-Rated Electives Offered in Summer 2017

Course Number Course Name Average Course Rating*
MK 845 Social Media Marketing 4.98
IM 852 Brazil Field Seminar 4.94
OB 853 Negotiations 4.89
PL 861 Emerging Issues in Business and Law 4.86
MK 854 Branding 4.63
SI 839 Design Thinking and Innovation 4.52
SI 849 Corporate Sustainability Strategy 4.37

Ratings for Core Courses Offered in Summer 2017  

Course Number Course Name Average Course Rating*
ES 700 Executive Presentation 4.65
MK 724 Marketing Management 4.64
FE 730 Economics and Management Decisions 4.56
PL 700 Intro to Business Law 4.49
OM 726 Creating Value through Operations and Technology 4.29
ES 701 Executive Written Communication 4.06
SI 751 Competition, Innovation, and Strategy 4.01
IS 711 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy 4.01
QM 717 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision-Making 3.85

Check out the Boston University Summer Term website to learn more about the
Questrom courses available this summer, and read our post on how to find course evaluations at Questrom.

What are the best Questrom summer courses you’ve taken?

*This data looks at the two-year average rating for the course and doesn’t include instructor ratings. To get more information, look up the course evaluations in Questrom Apps or in the Graduate Academic and Career Development Center.


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