Boston, Wake Up & Dance

Taking time to relax will keep you sane as a part-time MBA student! This post is part of our ongoing series featuring fun activities in Boston

I look at my cell phone and it says 7:03AM. I am NOT a morning person, so I am wondering why I’m awake so early on a Friday as I walk up to Fenway Park. Someone greets me at the entrance, excitedly asking, “Do you want a hug?” I am here for the complete experience, so I say yes. The music is already bumpin’ as I take the escalator upstairs. There is a dance floor at the top of the escalators and a lot of people scattered around, chatting and grabbing some healthy snacks and beverages. People are slowly trickling in from the 6AM fitness class (this was way too early for me, but apparently not for many other people). The dance party has not really started yet, so I walk outside to an amazing warm spring morning and a breathtaking view of an empty Fenway Park as the sun rises. OK, this ISN’T a terrible way to wake up.


As the morning goes on, more and more people start to fill up the dance floor inside. The DJ is spinning some dance music and there is even a band that periodically joins in. Everyone is dancing and having a great time. Even Wally the Green Monster and his little sister Tessie come to show off some dance moves. Before I know it, it is 9AM, almost time to head off to work, but not before a cool down session that involves some words of empowerment and encouragement. Everyone is given a “Mission of Mischief” that involves passing on the good vibes to others throughout the day. I leave Fenway feeling awake, revived, and ready to take on the day.

daybreaker dance

These morning dance parties are put on by Daybreaker, which focuses on amping people up for the day and showing people that everyone can have fun and dance without the need for liquid courage. There is a one-hour fitness and yoga session at 6AM and then a two-hour dance party that starts at 7AM. Participants can choose to do both or just join for the dance party. This dance party takes place at various venues throughout the city. Be sure to join the email list to be notified of the next date and venue for the event.

If you aren’t in Boston during one of these events, no problem! Daybreaker is in various cities around the world (on 4 continents actually), including cities like San Francisco, Miami, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and many more. They are continuing to expand in the US and throughout the world. Being specifically an alcohol-free event, Daybreaker is also working with colleges and universities to bring these dance parties on campus.

Daybreaker is a great way to start the day off right and meet some awesome people from around the city. Get out there and dance!



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