How to Refinance Your Student Loan

If you tried your best to cash flow your MBA to the best of your ability but still ended up with some student loans, there is a way to save some money. Turns out that banks are willing to give you a lower rate if you use a collateral such as your car. Here is what you will need to do.


Paying for your MBA Out of Pocket

Ok, so obviously you have to pay for your MBA, regardless of whether you are a student at Questrom or anywhere else. Most full-time students take loans when going to business school, but part-time students have some additional options. Aside from taking loans, they can work for BU or another employer that pays for all or part of their tuition, for instance. And many Questrom students take that route. If you choose to pay for your MBA out of pocket, you have to be very smart and organized with your money. Here are some tips based on what has helped me pay for school out of pocket.