Paying for your MBA Out of Pocket

Ok, so obviously you have to pay for your MBA, regardless of whether you are a student at Questrom or anywhere else. Most full-time students take loans when going to business school, but part-time students have some additional options. Aside from taking loans, they can work for BU or another employer that pays for all or part of their tuition, for instance. And many Questrom students take that route. If you choose to pay for your MBA out of pocket, you have to be very smart and organized with your money. Here are some tips based on what has helped me pay for school out of pocket.


How to Drive in Boston and Keep Your Sanity

So you decided to commute to Boston. Now what? Driving in the “City on a Hill” is not for the faint of heart. It involves certain skill and there is a certain etiquette. So here are some tips. Boston does not tolerate snoozers. If you are at the red traffic light pay attention to that light. If you snooze for exactly 1/2 second let me assure you, you will hear that horn. It is almost a common courtesy to honk.

Class in Warm and Sunny California? YES, PLEASE

Boston University offers field seminars that allow Questrom students to travel around the world for 1-2 weeks to business in a variety of industries. There are a variety of locations to choose from, including Asia, India, Latin America, Europe, and Silicon Valley. These field seminars are essentially 3-credit elective courses, similar to intensives. There is an additional cost to cover housing and accommodations and students are responsible for airfare and incidentals. If you are interested, be sure to keep your eye out for emails disclosing when info sessions are and when applications are being accepted. (Upcoming info sessions listed at the end of this post.) They are first come, first served, so be sure to apply early if you want to guarantee your spot in the program.

Top-Rated Questrom MBA Summer Courses

Taking classes during the summer can help you finish your degree faster— but it can be tough to spend your summer in class while your coworkers and family are taking time off. If you’re going to push through as quickly as possible it’s good to make sure the class will be a good experience. If you’re trying to decide which summer course is best, check out the online course ratings for all of the Questrom summer courses from the last two summers. We broke down the data for you.

How to Commute to Boston and Keep Your Sanity

If you live outside of Boston but found that Boston University is offering the best evening MBA program in the area (like many of us did), you may be considering commuting to Boston. I live in New Hampshire and decided that it was worth it, even after the North Campus was closed. I was also the rare one who had a car on campus during my undergrad at BU. So naturally I have some tips to share.

Traveling as a Part-Time MBA Student

Time management is tough enough as it is when you’re working full time, going to school part-time, keeping your personal life intact, and trying to have some semblance of a social life all at once. But when you throw travel into the mix, that changes the game completely. Most professors are pretty accommodating when it comes to work-related travel so if you need to miss a class or two, it’s rarely much of an issue. However, missing class creates other challenges - catching up may take time, you may miss important announcements, you may miss team meetings, etc. So here are a few pointers when planning your travel.