Boston, Wake Up & Dance

I look at my cell phone and it says 7:03AM. I am NOT a morning person, so I am wondering why I’m awake so early on a Friday as I walk up to Fenway Park. Someone greets me at the entrance, excitedly asking, “Do you want a hug?” I am here for the complete experience, so I say yes. The music is already bumpin’ as I take the escalator upstairs. There is a dance floor at the top of the escalators and a lot of people scattered around, chatting and grabbing some healthy snacks and beverages. People are slowly trickling in from the 6AM fitness class (this was way too early for me, but apparently not for many other people). The dance party has not really started yet, so I walk outside to an amazing warm spring morning and a breathtaking view of an empty Fenway Park as the sun rises. OK, this ISN’T a terrible way to wake up.


How Part-Time Students Make Time to Run Marathons

Today, over 30,000 people will run in the Boston Marathon and the rest of the city will shut down to sleep in, drink, and cheer them on. We all have classmates who impressively balance work and school along with athletic feats. Yes, part-time MBA students at Questrom School of Business do run marathons! We caught up with a few of these students— all marathon-runners at one time or another during their PEMBA studies— to find out how they pulled it off and why.